Duct Cleaning Will Remove Dust, Mold, and Other Contaminants

The Twins strive to educate the importance of air duct cleaning here in the Los Angeles area. When it comes to mold and other indoor air pollutants, this cit is ranked as one the most highly polluted air quality cities in the country.

Air duct cleaning, when properly performed, will remove fine dusts, molds, and other contaminants that lay along the inside of your ducting system. When you call The Twins for mold removal, we will use a high pressure air system with a small nozzle, as opposed to a roto brush nozzle that could potentially damage a flexible duct system.

The other procedure we use, a HEPA vacuum, is highly recommend in conjunction with the air system. Our register cover plate has two holes, one for the air hose and the other for the vacuum. Once we place the plate tightly over the register, we turn on your heating & cooling fan system. This blows outward while the vacuum is in the on position and extracting, while the air hose is blowing all the pollutants directly into the HEPA. We also believe in placing an air scrubber device near the work area to ensure any loose contaminates that may have broken off from the plate are blown away.

The final steps in a great air duct cleaning process is applying a sealer inside the duct system. At the Mold Removal Twins, we love our life time warrantied, EPA, all organic, chemical-free approved sealer, where mold will never grow inside the system EVER again. We also recommend that if you’re going to hire an air duct cleaning company, make sure they are certified and trained in installing an air scrubber for your HVAC system. This will guarantee that you will never need air duct cleaning again.

Here, we install our guardian unit inside the main duct that disperses to all the registers of the property. This treats and eradicates all molds, allergens, toxic chemicals, cigarette smoke, and all gases from bad dry wall, insulations etc. Air testing or a swab test can always be performed before and after work is completed to ensure the work was done properly.

When hiring an air duct cleaning company, make sure you ask for references and insurance information. When you’re dealing with mold inside your duct work, make sure you hire a certified air testing company that can provide the results and an approved clearance upon completion of work.

Well, we really appreciate you reading our blog today. If you have any further questions or would like to set up service, contact the Mold Removal Twins today!