The Twin Plumbers Help You Choose the Best Water Heater

With so many options out there in terms of water heating, how do you know which brand to choose? Well you have come to the right place. With over 1,000 water heater installations over the past 15 years, and because it’s our passion to educate, we are the go-to guys for your questions.

You will want to know, that there is not one single answer on which water heater to buy. But, being an educational and informative type of company, we are going to give you as much information as possible to help you buy.

Size of Tank & Capacity

First and foremost you are going to need to know the size and capacity of the tank. This is obviously the most important step. Don’t overlook this step as getting an incorrectly sized water heater can keep you out of hot water, especially if the need for getting hot water is needed right away. The capacity and size of the water heater is labeled right on the side or front of the tank.

Which tanks and manufacturers are the best?

All manufactures use the same process to make the water heaters. They are all relativley close to being made the same. Your odds of getting a bad apple out of the bunch can happen with any water heater you choose. Just because one particular brand water heater you may have had lasted 15 years, does not mean the next water heater with the same brand will last the same. Our video below outlines our top pick based upon years of being plumbers. Which is Bradford White. They seem to last the longest.

Being they are all made the same, do I just point and choose?

The best way to choose would be warranty from the manufacturer and warranty from your installer. Most water heaters come with a 6 year warranty. Some manufacturers give a limited warranty on the parts, and some give a full 6 year no limitations part warranty. Some installers give limited warranties as well. But there are installers that will give a 6 year parts warranty.

What’s the best way to choose?

Pick an installer who is going to give you a labor warranty. If you purchase a tank with a 6 year part warranty, and the installer gives you a 6 year labor warranty, essentially this means you are guaranteed hot water for at least 6 years….provided the installer doesn’t go out of business.

Upgraded Warranty

Want a longer warranty? No problem. All manufacturers offer additional warranties by upgrading the tank with a few parts (ask your installer) you can extend that warranty for up to 12 years.

Check out the above video to learn about our top picks for water heater tanks!

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