Pipe Break or Drain Line Buildup Can Cause Flies

The Twin Plumbers see a lot of unhealthy environments, this is just the nature of our work we are in. Plumbing can cause an ecosystem for just about anything like mold, algae, and the annoying drain flies. Our drain cleaning & drain repair department has seen everything you could imagine over the 25 years of business. When a customer calls stating they need service because they smell an odor or see a swarm of flies coming out from under the crawl space or from the kitchen or bath drain, we know right away that there is either a pipe break or a drain line that has massive amounts of build up stuck inside the inner walls of the line.

That build up along the inner walls of the pipe is an organic matter and the drain flies love to breed around it. We had a situation in Los Angeles where we were called out for a bad sewer smell coming from under the house. As soon as we removed the crawl space door to get under, literally thousands of drain flies were flying everywhere. This was because the drain line was broken under the house and each time the tub was being used, it was draining directly under the house, creating a perfect environment for the flies to reproduce over and over.>

We have found here at the Twin Plumbers that the only way to get rid of them is to completely re-mediate wet areas and sanitize as well as completely dry down the affected soils. If its a drain line, the clog has to be cleared completely and the ultimate way to get rid of them is by scour jetting the line, this deep cleaning application does wonders in respect to the inner walls of the pipes from all the build up. The issues with your typical rooter cable is, yes, it will clear the clog, but it doesn’t clean the walls of the pipe entirely, its important to accomplish this because the adult drain flies can stick around for awhile. The bottom line to getting rid of them is to get rid of the food source.

If your thinking about using a tough drain cleaner or even bleach,then think twice. We have a lot of confidence in our Twin Plumbers Double Impact drain cleaner, but its not tough enough to shoo those pesky things away.

Follow our Twin Plumbing advice here above and we can be sure that you will be left alone from the drain flies, the plumber and the pest control companies. As always, folks, thanks for reading our blog today.