Homeowner Tip: How to Pick the Right Trenchless Sewer Plumber

With well over 150,000 feet of trenchless sewer lines performed in our 25 plus years in business, The Twin Plumbers want all consumers in the Greater Los Angeles area to be educated and well informed when choosing the right company for the project.
Broken pipe

First, a little description of a trenchless pipe repair/replacement: This allows homeowners/HOAs to replace old lines without the extensive digging that a normal sewer or pipeline replacement most often requires. This system requires only entry and exit holes with the rest of your lawn/property remaining intact. It is often referred to as “pipe bursting,” which requires less digging and less time, meaning in most cases it can be less money out of your pocket.Homeowners and HOAs have only one chance at picking a trenchless sewer company. Although articles have been written over and over again about how to properly choose your contractor for a trenchless sewer project, we feel it bears repeating. The answer: REFERENCES, REFERENCES, REFERENCES. You need to make sure that your contractor has extensive experience with trenchless sewer projects, and has been properly trained in the use of trenchless equipment.

We cannot stress this enough: Thoroughly check license, insurance and references of any contractor you are considering.

How to properly ask your contractor for references. The contractor is standing in front of you giving you an estimate/quote for the trenchless sewer project.  We suggest in addition to asking him for a reference list, you ask this question:  How many trenchless sewers did your company do last year.

Sounds simple, right? Every trenchless sewer contractor will tell you an answer. Let’s say the contractor tell you he installed 20 trenchless sewers in 2011. If this is the case but the reference list he gave you shows only 10, this means one thing:  A 50% satisfaction rate from his clients.  Not great odds, correct?

We know what some contractors will tell you: “I cannot give the names of my clients due to confidentiality and privacy.”   This is not the truth.  In all of our years in the business, we have yet to have a client tell us their name could not be used on our reference list, with the exception of our celebrity clients.

Walk away if a contractor refuses to give you the references you request.  If he says he installed 20 trenchless sewers, insist on the names and contact information of the 20 clients.  By taking this step you are saving yourself headaches, money and stress.  And, before signing or agreeing to anything, CALL THESE PEOPLE ON THE REFERENCE LIST.

We also suggest that you check with the local Better Business Bureau to make sure no complaints have been registered.  It is Better to be safe than sorry on a project of this size. It is your money and your property you are protecting. Pick wisely!

For more information on trenchless sewer replacement, or to schedule service, call The Twin Plumbers today!