Benefits to Having a Sewer Cleanout

Cleanouts are great to have when you have a sewer backup.  Especially when you have a problem with your sewer line, such as a root intrusion or a broken pipe.  When you have a mechanical problem with your sewer line having the cleanout may be essential to getting your drain open. sewer-clean-out

At times plumbers may be unable to clear or clean the drain without the proper cleanout access. As a company that loves to answer questions and be informative to all its customers and readers, lets go over this question. At The Twin Plumbers we have installed over 700 cleanouts for customers giving us the intimate knowledge of what it costs to have a cleanout installed by a plumber.

First lets make sure we are clear that prices are always going to range.  Range is because every situation is different.  A four bedroom house on hill is going to have a different sewer system than a two bedroom house and the bottom of the hill.  Sewer systems are installed according to the layout of the home and according to where the city installs their sewer line.  So pricing for installation of cleanouts will vary based upon your unique situation.

Most plumbers will price cleanout installations based upon the depth of the sewer, their overhead costs, the materials that are going to be used, the time it is going to take, how many plumbers needed on the job, permit fees, and location of the sewer line.

With all these variables in mind the typical cleanout installation is $700 to $3500.  Remember to get 3 estimates if possible.  We always recommend to go with the middle bidder.  The low bid doesn’t always equate to a good job.  And there is usually a reason why they are cheaper or less expensive so make sure you can read between the lines.

Shall you have further questions or even if you would like help choosing your contractor feel free to ask us. We are glad to help!