Keep Waste Out of Your Home With Roof Vents

Q: What are roof vents and how do they work?

A: Roof vents are the vertical pipes you see attached to your home’s plumbing system that remove sewage and regulate air pressure within your pipes. To understand how they work, you have to know how waste gets in and out of your home. Waste enters your plumbing system through many different fixtures, and once it exits it stops at a trap. Traps, that are always filled with water, are dipped sections of pipe that are attached to almost every plumbing fixture. The bend in the trap stops sewer gases from entering your home. From there, they go out of the roof vent, preventing you and your family from being exposed.roof-vent-faq

Q: Do I have roof vents in my home already, and if I don’t do I need them?

A: We can’t say with certainty one way or the other, but we can make a pretty good assumption that yes you do have them already. Most local building codes require every appliance in homes to have a trap, and every fixture to have a vent. If you don’t have roof vents installed, it would be a good idea to start looking into it because you definitely don’t want harmful sewer gases getting into your home!

Q: What kinds of problems can I encounter with my roof vents?

A: The most common problem we see is roof vents that have become clogged. You’ll know this is what you are experiencing if you have really slow drains, bubbles forming in your toilet after flushing, or if you smell sewage in your home.

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