Hidden Areas Where Leaks Can Cause Damage

Plumbers are usually the first responders to water damage and mold calls. After 25 years of seeing the damages that water and mold can cause to your home, we want to give you some insight to where these leaks can occur.It is our passion here at The Twin Plumbers to educate our customers and we wanted to share with you 5 hidden areas of your property to inspect every now and then to make sure you protect it from water damage and mold growth saving you thousands of dollars and most importantly your health.

Kitchen Sinks

Under kitchen sinks is our number one area of a home that will get water damage and mold. It’s important in this area to make sure that ALL the piping, caulking, and fixtures are sealed tight. Slow leaks are the worst in causing water damage and fungi under cabinets.

Twin Tip

A good idea in this area, cover the bottom of the cabinet with a fiberglass or plastic material.  When water spills it won’t soak into the cabinet.  Linoleum flooring works great also.

Shower Sliding Doors

Over time sealed joints become weak or compromised. Homeowners are sometimes unaware that when they use their shower,  it leaks slowly from inside to the outside corners. Absorbing in the wall, spreading behind the base molding and migrating under the flooring. Pay close attention when its a vinyl flooring. Water can become trapped and not dry under vinyl or linoleum flooring.

Make sure when you detect even the slightest damage you investigate further, this will prevent major damage in the future.


Just because your toilet is flushing perfectly well doesn’t mean that everything is ok. Toilets can cause some huge bacterial damage, along with some pretty bad smells. Many homeowners cannot see the damage with every flush, but we have seen it slowly creep and seep in the flooring causing major destruction. If that toilet is rocking or appears to be loose, make sure you tighten it and bolt it down, you may even have to replace the wax seal.

Attic Spaces

Attics are rarely inspected, but very common to have some water intrusion from a few things. We have seen plumbing vent pipes through roofs have bad seals, so every time it rains water comes through. We have also seen water piping especially on the hot water side seep or sweat against the wood, this overtime will cause severe mold growth because of  both the moisture levels and temperature, perfect breeding ground for all types of fungi.Also, the air conditioner unit can cause leaks as well.

Inspect the attic every now and then, it’s important to make sure moisture levels are neutralized to prevent any type of surface damage protecting your indoor air quality.


Crawlspaces are one of those hidden spaces under the house that water can intrude in several ways, and not just by the plumbing system. Some of the indicators of water damage and Mold from a crawlspace is odor. When you have continuous damp smells that just does not seem to go away, then more than likely its coming from your crawlspace, some of the other indicators is your water bill or noises such as a hissing noise. paying attention to those because a leak can be occurring without you even knowing it. Another very common way to have water damage under your house is outside sprinkler or rain water coming in from the footings, the concrete over time becomes porous particularly in older homes.

Understanding these issues and knowing the areas around your Los Angeles home or property can prevent structural damage, huge expenses from remediation & reconstruction cost, health issues, and overall better indoor air quality for your home environment.

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