Problems and Solutions: Trenchless Sewer Replacement, Pipe Bursting

As a company that loves to educate and inform its readers all over, lets go over this question.  At the Twin Plumbers we have replaced over 700 sewer lines utilizing pipe bursting technology.  Since we have talked with contractors all over the U.S., overseas, and with the manufacturers of the technology, we are the go to guys with your pipe bursting questions and we are glad to help!

Problem #1

Not all contractors offer this technology.  The equipment to offer the service is very expensive so more contractors don’t have the equipment than contractors that do have the equipment.  It is also difficult to train technicians on. The system can be complicated to use and many contractors may not trust their employees with such equipment, leaving even more reason for less contractors.  End result may mean in your area there is not someone who offers this service.pipe-burstin

Check with the manufacturers of the equipment if they have a vendor list of anyone in your area.  It also may be possible for the manufacture to come out and replace your sewer line, or they can call a contractor that is not too far from your service area.

Problem #2

Contractors with not enough experience can cause something to go wrong on the job.  Or due to the lack of experience they may not know what to do when things go wrong leaving you with no choice but to excavate an area that you did not want touched. The best thing to do for this problem is ask the contractor how many jobs they have completed.

Then ask for a list of references based upon the amount of sewers they have done with this technology.  Make sure you watch our video on how to hire the right plumber prior to hiring your contractor.

Problem #3

Pipe bursting is not meant for every sewer replacement.  Some contractors will only do pipe bursting technology, which may not leave you the option to choose the better option. Always get 3 estimates to compare not only costs, but the best method as well.  Also check out the above video with a review of a trenchless sewer replacement for further information on the best methods.

For additional information on trenchless pipe bursting, give The Twin Plumbers a call today!