Don’t Neglect Abnormal Odors in Your Home

One of our customers, David, called in The Mold Removal Twins because he was very concerned about his kids’ bedroom, as he was smelling a musty damp odor and his daughter was sneezing constantly. David said that there were no signs of any mold that he could see.mold-removal

When we arrived, we assessed the situation by removing the bed from the corner of the wall. The first test we performed was a moisture reading on the walls and baseboards using our non-penetrating device, as well as our penetrator for the carpet. The moisture reader sounded off with the red alert light. This was a confirmation of what the customer was smelling.

The next step involved lifting a small section of carpet from the corner of the wall and, sure enough, mold was creating a life under the wet rug. The location of the bedroom had no plumbing whatsoever; it faced an outside wall and it was upstairs. So, we needed to find out what was going on.

Here at The Twins Mold & Water Damage Services, we’re not only experts in mold remediation but we also specialize in getting to the source. That’s why our next step was to start the leak detection process in order to find the source of the damage by going up to the roof. We ran some extensive water tests and found that the gutter was not sealed to the outside stucco wall. This small separation between the metal gutter and stucco caused major damage over a long period of time.

Watch the video:

We began the remediation process by containing the door, covering the vents of the air conditioner, and placing our air scrubber devices inside the bedroom. We removed the compromised dry wall as well as the wet, contaminated insulation. Then, we treated the wood framing with our clean seal combo, which is an EPA approved anti-microbial agent that terminates all forms of mold, bacteria, and other carcinogens on contact. Finally, we treated the carpet with our carpet foaming solution clean-seal cleaner which gets deep into the fibers of the rug and removes any microbial growth, stains, and other bacteria.

The best thing our customer David did is that he contacted a professional. When there is something abnormal going on in their home, many people often neglect it or let it go, and that’s definitely not something you want to do. In many cases, odors like the one David was experiencing, can be a sign of something bad brewing.

Here at The Twins, it is our passion to educate and provide the best information in the mold and water damage industry and we sure hope this was insightful. We really appreciate you reading our blog today.

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