How Much Does it Cost to Have a Plumber Open Your Drain?

The Twin Plumbers are going to tell you!

Before calling a plumber, people love to know the cost of services prior to hiring a service provider. As a company that does many service calls daily, our customers will ask us questions like “how much does it cost to have a plumber unclog my drain”. As the passionate teachers of our industry we will give you some good ranges of what it costs to have a plumber unclog your drain.pricing

There is more than a few ways to open your drain. As you may have seen on our website, we have “How To” videos that will give you visual instructions on how to unclog your drain.

Types of Service

Plunging or Plunger is referred to as the tool used to create a forceful plunge of the toilet or drain blockage. This can be effective at clearing toilet blockages and clearing secondary drains such as sinks and tubs that have clogged due to hair or gunk build up. This service typically will range in cost from $85 to $300.00.

Drain cabling or “Snaking” (which is a more popular term) is referred to as running a machine with a drain cable (snake) through the drain to clear a blockage. This is effective at opening drains that have soft stoppages or small root intrusions. This service typically can range from $150 to $419 depending on the access the plumber has to run his machine and get to the blockage.

Hydrojetting is high pressure water jetting. Similar to pressure washing your home, car, or patio, hydrojetting will pressure wash the inside diameter of your drain pipes. This is the most effective way to clear a drain. In addition to clearing the drain, Hydrojetting is the only service that will actually clean your drain. Through the high pressure water the machine can scour through the toughest clogs. Hydrojetting works very well on roots, grease, sludge, ice, and large items stuck in the sewer line. Due to the cost of the advanced machinery, and the expertise it takes to run the equipment, hydrojetting can range from $300 to $1500.

Again, prices can vary based up on the plumber you call but these are good average prices for you to plan a budget to have your drains cleaned. When choosing your plumber don’t forget to check for their license and insurance. If you need additional help in choosing the service you need please contact us any time.

Watch our video above on how to unclog your drain at home without the use of chemicals. If the drain is too stopped up, though, don’t hesitate to call The Twin Plumbers. We are always here to help!