Four Leak Detection Methods That are Guaranteed to Find Your Leak

As a homeowner, “water leak” is not a phrase you ever want to hear. You know how much damage they can cause, and they are definitely something you want to stop as soon as possible.leak-detection

You may recognize the signs you have a leak – high water bill, hot spots on the floor, etc. – but spotting them is a much more difficult. You have many different pipes and lines that run in all sorts of directions, so it can be hard to pinpoint exactly where the problem is stemming from.

But that’s what The Twin Plumbers are here for! Our team of leak detection experts are trained to find and repair your leak quickly, getting your home back to running like normal in no time.

The Twin Plumbers Leak Detection Methods:

With one of the following four methods, you can bet that your water leak won’t stand a chance against us.

  1. Video camera inspection: Whenever we get called for a leak detection job, we always like to first perform a video camera inspection. This involves sending a fiber-optic cable down the length of your pipes to get a clear picture of exactly where the problem lies, how severe it is, and the best way we should go about repairing it. Simplicity is best!
  2. Infrared leak detection: This method allows our plumbers to see below floors and within walls (often where your plumbing is located) so we can easily find the leak without having to tear out any foundation. Our infrared technology scans all areas where water could be present, even through steel, concrete, and wood.
  3. Ultrasonic leak detection: Believe it or not, ultrasonic uses sound to find your leak. Also known as acoustic emission detection, it helps our team find the leak because of the sound water makes as it passes through holes in your pipes. We can detect that sound, analyze it, and find out where it’s coming from.
  4. Smoke detection: Because of the potentially lengthy process it can be to use this technology, we usually like to reserve this method for a last resort. But, if we do use this, we send harmless smoke into your pipeline and watch to see where it escapes.

If there’s a water leak in your home, we’ll find it. Don’t let it linger – call The Twin Plumbers today!