Don’t Ignore The Gas Smell, it Could be a Leak

When it comes to any type of plumbing odors, gas leaks are the most evident and should be taken very seriously. We always recommend first that you call your local gas company if you have the slightest sense that you smell a gas odor.

Gas leaks can occur at anytime and anywhere in the system, the pipe materials are typically made out of a black or galvanize metallic material which can corrode if its underground and not wrapped properly, this is especially true when soil is in contact with this type of piping or if its in contact with concrete.We detect gas leaks here at The Twin Plumbers more times than none at the pool gas feed line underground, going to an outside BBQ or the pool heater, inside the home it’s typically a connection behind a water heater, the stove or furnace.If the odor is not strong, and you are suspecting it around an area that you know for sure IS the gas connections, then make sure you do not light any anything or even turn on an electrical switch on, you can mix half soap & half water to create bubbles using a small paint brush you put it along some of the joints, valves, and piping, if the bubbles aggressively move, then there is a sure bet of a gas leak.If you cannot find anything this way,

The next step is calling a plumber who specializes in gas leak detection, they will have the proper instruments in detecting the gas leak with gas sniffing devices, as well as gas leak tracing solutions.

Having the gas company out, is also a great first step, they can assist sometimes with their equipment as to the location of leaks, they can isolate which system is leaking either the outside or inside for free.Once they make that determination, they will immediately shut the gas off and place a lock on the system until repaired by your local plumber.

Your plumber after locating the leak will make the repairs at which time, the Gas Co. Should be called out, in fact it’s the law, you or the plumber cannot turn the gas back on if its locked by the Gas Co.

Signs of an Indoor Gas Leak:

  • An odor that smells like rotten eggs
  • Unusual noises coming from your gas appliances
  • Insufficient gas to water heater & stove
  • Gas bill on the rise

Signs of an Outdoor Gas Leak:

  • Dirt or vegetation has a grayish color to it.
  • Persistent bubbling from outside wet areas.
  • Outside BBQ or pool heater making unusual noises.
  • Gas odor coming from planter beds or concrete areas.

Well, we hope this gave you some good direction on finding your possible gas leak. Please watch our “How to video” above on how to shut your gas meter off. As always, thank you for reading our blog today!