Problems and Solutions: How to Have a Successful Epoxy Sewer Line Replacement

The purpose of this article is to answer and address and fully disclose what the problems with epoxy sewer liners are.  At The Twin Plumbers we have been able to install over 100,000 feet of sewer liners.  Yes, that is a lot and no, all of them did not go perfectly but we did have a solution every time something went wrong.  With all the lining material installed over the years and numerous conversations with epoxy sewer liner manufactures from around the world we have an intimate knowledge of how the lining process works and the problems that can arise with lining your sewer.epoxy-pipe-liner

Problem #1

It can be very challenging to find a contractor that offers this service in your area.  And in some areas there are not any contractors that offer the service, which would leave you not having a choice at all.  The best thing to do is look up the manufacturers of the epoxy sewer liners, and ask them to do a contractor search in your area.  In some cases, the manufacturers themselves may be able to offer a solution to this issue by coming out themselves to do the liner or by asking another contractor that may be outside your area a few hundred miles or so to make a special trip for you.

Problem #2

The experience of the contractor.  Just because they have the equipment does not mean they have much experience.  This technology is expensive to purchase for most contractors.  Being that more contractors will not have the technology that leaves less workers and technicians without the experience needed to install the liners.  Always ask the contractor how many jobs they have done.  And then ask for references for each job.

Problem #3

This is the worst problem to have when doing an epoxy sewer liner.  If the conditions are not perfect when the installers are inserting the liner, (temperature too hot, or the pipe is not prepared well enough for epoxy sewer lining) the epoxy can cure too fast, or the liner can rip or tear while inserting into the pipe.  This can wreak havoc if you have an accident under your slab.  This can mean the only solution is to excavate up the slab to fix the problem.   This can be solved by hiring the right contractor. Don’t forget to ask for references.

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