Tree Roots a Common Cause of Drain Line Clog

You are probably pretty familiar with drain clogs – mainly because of how annoying they are. But, have you ever wondered what causes them? If so, The Twin Plumbers is here to put that curiosity to rest!

Fixing under sink drain clogs

Top 10 Reasons for Drain Clogs

  1. If your piping was not correctly installed originally, you are going to have some problems down the line. This is something you couldn’t have predicted, but we can help nonetheless!
  2. As we’re sure you’re aware of, there are a number of things that shouldn’t be flushed down your toilet – toothbrushes, feminine hygiene products, and children’s toys to name a few. If they happen to get in there by accident, they can create some backups.
  3. Sagging sewer lines will cause the drains in your home to be really slow.
  4. Even though grease is found in almost everything you throw down your kitchen drain, it’s still a big reason for clogs. Just be cautious of this fact the next time you throw something into it.
  5. Speaking of throwing things down your kitchen drain, in addition to grease there are other food items that your garbage disposal just can’t grind up – starchy and stringy vegetables, potato peels, among others. It’s not wise to constantly be putting these things down the drain, as the disposal will clog or even break.
  6. Sometimes, drain clogs have nothing to do with anything you did, or didn’t, put into your drains. If the municipal government doesn’t maintain the city sewer lines, your home could be experiencing backups.
  7. If you have a break in your line, you will notice debris piling up at the site.
  8. Groundwater and rain can wash things like mud, clay, and grass into the sewer line and cause it to become blocked.
  9. You could also have a collapsed sewer line, which will result in multiple fixtures in your home backing up. If this is the reason for your clog, trust us – you’ll know it!
  10. One of the worst causes of backups that we see is tree root infiltration. These suckers are attracted to the nutrients, oxygen, and moisture that your pipes hold. They get in, grow, expand, until they clog your line right up!

Big or small, kitchen drain or main line, The Twin Plumbers can handle it. Call us for any and all drain cleaning needs you have- we’ll be right over!