When You You Need to Hire a Plumber and When You Can DIY

There are many homeowners that have great home basic DIY repair skills. We have seen it over 25 years of servicing homes especially when a clog drain pops up.  A homeowner has the ability to head to the local home improvement center and rent a cable for a a lot less than hiring a plumber. But, sometimes these small drain clogs aren’t that simple.  A homeowner should calculate their time, fuel, cost of rental fees, and materials before tackling that repair.

Fixing clogged drain plumber

When a drain is clogged a homeowner should think twice before using a chemical drain cleaner, especially if the clog returned in a short amount of time. The drain cleaner products on the market may corrode the pipes over time.

When that stubborn drain will not clear, it’s possible that the line your attempting to clear is not the one that is clogged. Most people are not aware that washing machines, bathroom sinks, showers are connected to various locations. That’s where a good plumbing expert may come in handy, he should have the right tools and equipment to determine where that clog is. And most of all, what is causing the clog.

What’s important to have done especially if the clog is repeated itself is to insert a sewer camera to identify the stoppage.  If it’s a break, root intrusion, foreign object, then the last thing you want to do is throw a cable inside the line. It can possibly do more harm than good. Once it’s determined what the stoppage is, the next thing is to have a locating device that will pinpoint exactly where the issue is. This is where a plumber may be needed.

So the next time you perform the DIY repair to your home, really take a good look at what you’re getting into. Sometimes that repair may look simple but will turn into a homeowners nightmare. Weigh the options because the cost of hiring a professional may save you money, time, and frustration instead of doing it yourself.

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