Wet Basements a Common Cause of Buckled Floors

Here at The Twin Plumbers we service properties throughout Southern California and we get about four calls a month from property owners stating that they are noticing their flooring starting to buckle. In fact, we just had a customer whose tile was coming up in her living room where it literally was coming up 2 inches.floor-buckling

We had another case where the hardwood was coming up in different locations and the customer brought out flooring companies thinking the hardwood was installed improperly. One of the biggest causes is your typical underground water slab leaks, which we have blogged about in the past. Today we are going to go beyond the obvious and give you our other causes we have detected that causes cupping & buckle flooring that may help you.

Five Causes of Buckled Flooring

  1. Wet basements and crawl spaces: Property owners miss this area because of accessibility or simply do not inspect properly or through.
  2. Outside water intrusion from sprinkler systems: It’s imperative to make sure that the outside perimeter of the home is water proofed. We have seen so many cases where we perform our water testing & moisture mapping and it directed us straight to the outside irrigation.
  3. High humidity levels: Moisture in the air can result to buckling hardwood, we have seen this throughout the beach cities. Dehumidifier is really needed at this point.
  4. Under ground waste pipe leak: This is not so easy to detect when the drain system is an ABS material grade. A camera cannot detect if the pipe was never glued properly, in this situation we perform a static pressure test as well as a smoke test.
  5. AC condensation line: Always maintain your air conditioning line yearly, if this is clogged and it leaks this can cause substantial amount of damage over a summer. Usually the connections are hidden, and the only way you find out is when the flooring starts to buckle.

If you notice these types of leaks that cause cupping & buckling are very long term and SLOW leaks. Buckling can happen very quickly, especially when there is a flood and the mitigation was not completed immediately. We have responded to over flowing toilets and because there was just towels that mopped up the floor from the owner, the floor buckled within 60 minutes.

We sure hope our top 5 reasons guide you in the right direction if your flooring is cupping or buckling. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions!